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Old is gold. In the over-crowded expanse of today's resort-scapes, simplicity counts for little as the hordes descend all around poised with their selfie sticks and garrulous poses, determined to lap up the excessive flourishes all around. Kerry Hill evidently had not anticipated such a world, rather fortunately, and the handful of serene hideaways he left behind clearly reflected a different world that needed less but aspired for more. As it is with Alila Manggis, an understated Hill-designed retreat that is big on simplicity and minuscule on fuss, what was raised complements the grandeur and pristineness of the location, Manggis being so removed from the thick of action and developments in Bali, and there is nostalgia and memories etched into every simple line and form of this resort. Here we get to inhabit a faraway escape, a contemplative little oceanic outpost that isn't so much about checking--in (on instagram) but rather checking-out of our mundane doldrums and what-nots. 


While at Alila Manggis,
why don't you ...

  • Wander near and far. There is a slender sliver of beach fronting the resort that can be traversed upon with the right tide conditions but Manggis is too good for just that, There are miles of verdant rice fields, centuries old villages and picturesque mountain treks to explore here that the Alila team would only be too happy to arrange for guests.

  • There is only 1 restaurant here and thankfully Seasalt serves both delectable local and continental favourites as there really isn't much available close by. The Soto Ayam is a worthy version and when available, go for the Balinese duck

  • Spa here is a fuss free affair under an open-air bale close to the beach. You are not going to gain Nirvana here, but it does help with the stiffness one is likely to get on the long ride over.

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