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As the latest incarnate to join the stable, Alila SCBD had high hopes and expectations riding on its back but somehow wandered a distance off the finishing stretch. In concept this hotel was marketing as an urban resort that would define the upper reaches of a brand brimming with potential, both on the architectural and conceptual front at least, but in reality such expectations are greatly diminished by a mediocre lobby, a diminutive spa, lackluster restaurants and a service orientation that is generally well-meaning but devoid of finesse and expediency. The best features of the property are some of its rooms, particularly the premium rooms that are configured with a spacious bath room and impressive views of the city. But these are still early days for the hotel, with multiple floors of unknown room-types still inert in the paddocks. In a race against time and diminishing interests, only a recalibration of the existing and the expectant can win the race for this disappointing showing.


While at Alila SCBD Jakarta
why don't you ...

  • In lieu of any suites that remain unlaunched, check into the premium rooms which are spacious (55 square meters) and dripping with views. The bathtubs are extremely well appointed next to a glass wall peering out into the brooding city.

  • There are 3 restaurants here that boasted impressive conception, two in collaboration with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and another that was initially tied to Hakkasan. We recommend the comforting nosh at Le Burger which is a joint concept between the elder Vongerichten and son.

  • Alila is a largely resort brand with this hotel poised as an urban sanctuary thus it is a tad disappointing that the spa is a 2 treatment room joint devoid of even a proper reception area. The treatment was capably rendered, but we wish the therapist didn't have to refresh the room a pronto post treatment when the guest is still sipping tea in it.

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