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Inspired WOHA designed architecture on an enviable perch has made this all-villa Alila property the comeliest Alila of the lot. Thoroughly modern yet inspiringly lush, the linear lines of the buildings are fused with the lush silhouettes of the island elements, making this a garden haven of immense popularity with resort buffs and serial honeymooners. The stunning vista from its lofty perch alone is reason aplenty for repeated visits for this isn't a scene that one would forget easily.  The clear blue skies here embody tropical living in all its sunny splendour while the stunning palettes that gradate with each advancing sunset simply take us out of this world. Granted the property is showing signs of ageing, particularly visible on the wooden bits of those iconic box pavilions, but these are not flaws that a well-timed upgrade cannot overcome. With its superlative conception, maintenance is all this iconic property needs to stay at its top form.


While at Alila Villas Uluwatu,
why don't you ...

  • Most of the pool villas here are built on a cliff pointing towards the ocean. Height is of the essence when it comes to the appointed view - the higher the perch, the more gratifying the view. 

  • Breakfast at CIRE is usually a joyful, sun-soaked experience with too much food ordered. The restaurant turns into an elegant restaurant at lunch and dinner proffering Pan-Asian and Mediterranean  inspired dishes, mostly to couples who are perpetually lost in each others' eyes. 

  • The Warung is the repository of traditional recipes garnered all across the Indonesian islands, but we are particularly in love with its Balinese fares. To start off the affair, a 'çongklat' serving of tempestuous sambals and keropoks will initiate one into an odyssey of regional flavours and spices. For the uninitiated, order the Megibung which is akin to a celebratory platter of the island's best loved favourites.

  • The Sunset Cabana Bar is like the looking glass, or box really, for celestial sunsets so do come here early to book a space up front.

  • Spa Alila here is a popular joint for holistic indulgences especially for couples craving me-time seclusion. For an exotic upgrade, opt for the Clift Lodge Spa Cabana experience that really quite out of this world.

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