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Almost an institutional edifice evidential to the affluence and pomp of a bygone era, Anantara Siam is still a grand spectacle of Bangkok's Erawan enclave. Returning guests might remark how little has changed here, its lobby still vast and opulent, its courtyard lush and verdant and its suites ritzy and rich. But most of its rooms have already received contemporary makeovers that are more attuned to current mindsets, and the moods and themes of its many outlets have also been lifted for the current age. In a way this is chiefly what makes grande dames like the Anantara Siam interesting, and the evolving crowds checking in, interested.


While at Anantara Siam,
why don't you ...

  • Opt for a stay at one of its top suites. At first one might bemoan the dated accents within but as every other hotel opts for the contemporary updates, to immerse oneself within such chichi luxuriance might just be the experiential escapade one would crave post-COVID.

  • Wake up early and explore the neo-classical x classical Thai features of the opulent lobby. Shadow play with the morning light and lack of human traffic make for good explorations for those with keen eyes.

  • Indulge gastronomically at the many restaurants within. Guilty Bangkok is breaking ground with Peruvian cuisine in Bangkok while Biscotti serves elegant Italian cuisine that are true to good old culinary traditions. 

  • The Anantara Spa is the most forward outlet within the whole establishment with a range of Cannabis wellness treatments available since cannabis is legal in Thailand. Try the cannabis steam pouch treatment that is followed by cannabis oil massage. The aroma alone is a heavenly high.

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