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Whilst Andaz hotels everywhere are attempting to craft a common identity despite a branding ambiguity, Andaz Bali has deftly elected to base its conception on a collage of cultural and geographical elements instead. The resort is thus rustic yet plush, not entirely your Balinese thoroughfare but not altogether out of this world too. With a village theme in place, the property comprises well-conceived restaurants, inviting pools and comfortable rooms and suites partially cloistered by the tropical verdancy that flourishes throughout the expanse of this village. Unlike other swanky establishments on the island that is adamant about keeping out local intrusions, this is a retreat that melds into the precinct instead, with Sanur's lively neighbourhood sights and sounds, like the beach joggers, dog walkers and holiday makers, all part of the resort experience via its open beach access. A stay here as such is not an escape from the world, but rather a splendid initiation into a new world.


While at Andaz Bali,
why don't you ...

  • Rise bright and early to explore the Sanur neighbourhood which, although not entirely Balinese with many expats flocking here at all hours, is far from touristy. There are temples, restaurants and shops for an immersive local experience.

  • There are several restaurants within Andaz Bali that offer a range of cuisines catering to guests not quite inclined to venture into local nosh. Fisherman's Club is an open-air beach joint dishing out light bites and grilled local seafood. Village Square comprises 4 intertwining restaurants proffering Indonesian, Mediterranean, steaks as well as deli-fares. The Mediterranean style roast chicken from Blue Oven is particularly scrumptious. 

  • Andaz and Hyatt Regency Bali both share the Shankar Spa which is a fabulous wellness retreat with spanking new hydro facilities for him and her. The massages delivered within the comfortable and intimate suites are reinvigoratingly pleasurable.

  • Mere minutes away from Sanur beach, there is a wealth of local sights and scenes playing out at all hours of the day. The sunrises and sunsets here, though not always spectacular, are highly contemplative.

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