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 Ubud    Bali

One of the most renowned private estates carved from Ubud's famed terrains, COMO Shambhala is a verdant sanctuary set amidst lush tropical elements and stunning vistas. The estate is opulently framed by scenes both pastoral and wild - rivers, forests, gardens, lawns and even a holy spring make up the alluring topography here. COMO is a hospitality brand that extends from hotels to wellness and its Shambhala Estate embodies the holistic approach to the good life. Wellness buffs habitually flock here both to salute and bask in the sun, and with such excellent milieu this is the resort to perfect those yoga poses and luxuriate in the stillness. An estate of such expansive beauty is rare even in the verdant enclaves of Ubud - Shambhala is one of the remaining hospitality landmarks that cradles our lofty aspirations to eat, pray and love in luxurious sumptuousness.


While at COMO Shambhala Estate,
why don't you ...

  • Tune out like a wellness savant and throw your cares to the wind. COMO Shambhala Estate is one of the most alluring plot of Elysian hideaways carved from the serene topography of Ubud and till today there are very few establishments in the locale that can match the elements here.

  • The Shambhala Spa here is the fountain source of the COMO wellness empire so it would make perfect sense to book a retreat in one of its suites and indulge in the soothing strokes and restful priming within. They are really as good as they say.

  • The accommodation options of the property can be a bit confusing as most of the rooms and suites here are part of a larger estate and are usually rented out as such. A coupe would be very gratified in a 1-bedroo villa and larger parties can opt for the amply sized 2 and 3 bedroom villas bedecked with heated pools and cloistered in seclusion.

  • In the earlier years this was a resort known for its raw cuisine. Rejoice for that is all in the past as Food here undergoes the baptism of fire these days although the wellness concept still takes centerstage on the menus. 


  • The estate is woven around the gorgeous landscape of Ubud so there are natural activities aplenty for exploration. Lunches and picnics can be arranged at the bank of the Ayung river or the bale next to the sacred spring, as can yoga, meditation and an assortment of other resort planned activities.


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