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Canggu    Bali

As far as new Balinese resorts go, COMO Uma Canggu is poised for success. Design wise, this beachfront resort exudes a contemporary residential feel with most of its rooms and suites featuring amply sized patios that point towards oceanic vistas. The larger residences come replete with kitchenettes, making island living a whole lot more viable on an extended stay mode. Canggu is the place to be and be seen at the moment and on any given day the hotel's visibly modish clienteles, some surfers some poseurs, circulating in and out of its perimeters imbues the resort with a swanky, upmarket tribal chic that is very in tune with the fashionable front of a COMO property. Just be prepared to brave the endlessly horrendous traffic on and off the roads in order to bite into a slice of paradise within the calm of this oceanfront wellness pitstop.


While at COMO Uma Canggu,
why don't you ...

  • COMO Beach Club is the all-day diner that transforms from busy breakfast joint to casual lunching spot to stylish beachfront dinner destination all in a day's work. The cuisine here is a lot more varied than the wellness fares of its Shambhala kin even though the eat-green concept is never far away.


  • The Shambhala Retreat at Uma Canggu is surprisingly pared down but the expertise of the therapist is without doubt one of Bali's best. If tough love is what you crave from your massages, book  for he da best.

  • The COMO Penthouse is a 400sqm 3 bedroom duplex invested with the best views and facilities. This is here they hid the10m long rooftop pool with the stupendous sea views and its own Instagram following.

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