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Sean Mosher

Four Seasons Resort

Koh Samui

The inimitable Sean Mosher has enviably held fort at The Four Seasons Koh Samui over the industry's most difficult days in recent times. C T catches up with him on how he is coping with his life on the beach with a little insight on how the resort is moving forward with sustainability at the dawn of a new year.

1. What is your management style?


I had taken a very traditional path to becoming a General Manager, which I feel has shaped my approach to leading teams - whether departmental, divisional, and now onto general management. I have always felt that by working your way up, you are given the best opportunity to later understand how things really get done, and most importantly, the real challenges in getting things done. Therefore, I would have to say I have a 'realistic' approach to what is possible, which is constantly being stretched by our relentless drive to create the impossible (which I am told is ‘perfection’, however I've never believed that!).  


2. Tell us about the sustainability efforts that have taken root at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui under your leadership.


Our resort cares for and protects marine life through a dedicated Coral Conservation Project which was launched in 2017. The program is designed to educate guests and garner support for the regeneration of coral in the reefs that skirt the Resort. By recognizing the threat to the coral reefs around Koh Samui that come from natural and human activities, we are taking charge of sustaining the reefs for generations to come. It is a constantly evolving process – to identify sustainable practices that support the local fishermen while also protecting the coral and marine life. The project now works closely with local communities to bring the focus on marine conservation into locals’ daily routine, since the reefs are extremely sensitive to human interaction.

Besides the collaboration with Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) and the community, the resort also offers an educational experience for guests. With our in-house biologist’s guidance, snorkeling tour and conservation introduction sessions aim to raise awareness of how to preserve these underwater treasures while enjoying its beauty. Since the conservation project was launched, teams have planted more than 20,000 fragments of coral into the reef and have observed great progress in coral growth. By rehabilitating corals with the Lazarus Method that has been adapted by the DMCR, the survival rate of replanted reefs is now more than 70 percent. I am happy to share that recently we have seen an increase in coral and fish species around the Resort, and we look forward to planting more fragments to support this rich biodiversity. But, there’s a lot more work to be done. Ecological restoration is a long and arduous process and we are proud to be at the forefront of these effort on the island of Koh Samui – supporting not just the reefs health but continuing a dialogue with the local community to ensure that we work together, towards one goal.

In addition, the resort has implemented several measures including kitchen waste management, waste water management, removing all single-use plastic from various areas around the resort, among other.  

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4. What is your fondest memory of Thailand that is out of the hotel?


There is not any one moment in time but instead I feel that living in Thailand is nothing short of a privilege. The warmth of the people, the cuisine which draws in people traveling from all corners of the world for, and the sun and sand, I take nothing in life for granted and certainly not this career that has enabled myself and family to be here.


5. How are you and your team getting ready for the world when Thailand reopens?


We are certainly in the rebuilding mode. We are cautiously optimistic that the worst is behind us and that our industry can begin to return to some sort of normality. Although we remained open practically all through the pandemic; we do feel as if we are re-opening to the world and are committed to ensure that we deliver on our promises as we always have.


6. Management resolutions for 2022?


Look back only long enough to absorb what you ​have learned (and we have learned an immense amount around resilience), but do not let that hinder your ability to think big going forward.

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