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Kuala   Lumpur

Generation X Malaysians (and some Singaporeans) have a tendency to recount nostalgically the magical moments they've spent at Sunway Lagoon over their formative years. It is thus a tad surprising that much of what was is still in operation, save for the stunning transformation Sunway Resort Hotel has gone through in recent times. The old world symbols of luxury are still very much the foundation of the establishment - marbles, columns and more than a generous splash of gold have been retained, but the generic ID has been tastefully updated for a different generation more attuned to lightness in superfluity. What is truly remarkable are the sustainable tenets that guided the entire operational blueprint of the new joint and the invigorated service orientation that is now finely attuned to the refinements and expectations of legendary hospitality addresses.


While at Sunwy Resort Hotel Kuala Lumpur
why don't you ...

  • There is a plethora of room types to choose from but it is the suites that are the comeliest, both in terms of space and the comfort index of the new designs. There is a Wellness Suite that comes with a private gym equipment that appears a tad peculiar but there probably is a demand in health crazed KL. The villas enveloped in greens are the top spots for those craving privacy and intimacy.

  • There are 2 club lounges here and they are both comfortably grand with a good spread for evening cocktails. They do not serve breakfasts on a daily basis though.

  • The hotel's current pride and joy is its opulently raised Gordan Ramsay restaurant with plush interiors that is reminiscent of the New York Gatsby era. There is also an installation of the uber trendy Black Tap Craft Burgers and Shakes here, which in the after-dinner hours is great for bar-fuelled revelries.

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