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Four Seasons' latest opening on the continent is not only the chain's most highly anticipated in recent years, it had also surpassed much of our expectations, from the height of its rooms' ceilings to the shimmer of its blue blue pools. After a brief absence from the Thai capital, the brand's triumphant return at its highly verdant riverside plot had raised a new zenith within Bangkok's luxury hospitality sector, and whether it be its perennially full-house Yu Ting Yuan or its highly regarded BKK Social Club, this is the new address that is going to make waves internationally for being raised incredibly handsome and managed indelibly well.


While at Four Seasons Bangkok,
why don't you ...

  • Book way in advance for a sitting at Yu Ting Yuan, Bangkok's only 1-star Chinese restaurant for its wonderfully authentic Cantonese cuisine that is light yet flavoursome, quite unlike other Thai-styled Chinese fares within the capital.

  • Check into a river-front room for a wonderful view of the Chao Phraya, the much revered river of kings. The floor to ceiling vista is truly a sight to behold in Bangkok

  • End every night at BKK Social Club, a Philip Bischoff-led watering hole that has garnered a serious following from both locals and out-of-town pup crawlers.

  • Take it easy by its calming cluster of azure pools set right by the riverside. A morning latte with a good read or a refreshing midday beer under one of its plush parasols is quite the life.

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