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Kuala Lumpur

The address du jour of the past decade may have some of its shine stolen by flashy new entrants raised right at its gates but Grand Hyatt KL, replete with handsome structure and sweeping views of the city, still holds its ground as the city's hospitality grandee. Generally speaking the designs of Grand Hyatts in Asia are more attuned to functionality and familiarity better preferred by the business crowds. Relatively younger, Grand Hyatt KL sets itself apart with suites dripping with gorgeous vistas, some best enjoyed from modishly white designer tubs parked right next to the vistas. Its free-form pool lush with tropical flora is especially inviting. Architecturally the property is so stunningly conceived there can be little doubt of its continued success as one of KL's top hospitality addresses.


While at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
why don't you ...

  • To take full advantage of the location, hole up in a grand suite to get the city view bath experience with a push tub plonked right next to the full length glass wall or opt for a corner room that also features bath and shower dripping with views

  • When it comes to restaurants with views in KL, few can compare with the 360 degrees vista afforded by Thirty8, whether one is tucking into the hotel's hearty breakfast spread, soaking it all up over its spirited afternoon tea or enjoying a romantic dinner featuring continental and Asian classics.

  • The Grand Hyatt Club Lounge is quite simply the city's best executive lounge and an exemplary outfit for a brand renowned for its club lounges.

  • The hotel's outdoor pool is one of best spot in the city to immerse in stillness while mulling over over a silent, strong drink.

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