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    Luang   Prabang

One of Aman's most charming property, this French built estate served multiple functions before its current incarnation as, in our estimation, Luang Prabang's most comely luxury address. An incredibly sophisticated haven longtime Aman collaborators the likes of Kerry Hill and Ed Tuttle could not claim credit for, this colonial gem, once a hospital, was handsomely restored with rich yet understated French accents that defined an epoch of architectural finesse. Meticulously maintained and elegantly outfitted with old world accoutrements like floral sculptures and candle-lit paper lanterns, 24-rooms Amantaka effuses peace amidst grand luxury.


While at Amantaka,
why don't you ...

  • Explore the bucolic countryside near the estate. There is a NGO dairy farm nearby that serves wonderful desserts and meals with farm fresh dairy products.

  • Like most Aman properties, culinary options are limited to the all-day Dining Room where breakfast is served and dinner at the Pool Terrace where one can enjoy Laotian fares in an alluring set-up replete with candlelight and starlight. Whatever limited options Aman dishes out, there is always ambience aplenty.

  • The Aman Spa here is simply sensational. Besides pampering treatments in oversized suites, guests can also book the minimally serene private spa pool (with sauna and steam room) for some personal downtime.

  • Go to the library and pour over books there. Guests can also enjoy complimentary teas and nibbles every afternoon at the lovely light drenched library. 

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