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Capella's original conception took form within a colonial mirage white as cream and dreamy as clouds. At the fore of transforming one of Sentosa's most comely heritage edifice, Norman Forster and Jaya Ibrahim were roped in to raise an architectural antithesis to what could potentially be old and tired. Recently refurbished by Andre Fu, one is still instantly enraptured by the stately façade set upon a hill of tropical sumptuousness. Penetrating within, one enters a bold yet serene architectural masterpiece housing tastefully decked rooms and suites. This is capitally a grand vision raised to define luxury and indulge the senses.

Capella Singapore

While at Capella Singapore,
why don't you ...

  • Dine at Cassia, one of the most beautiful Chinese restaurants in Singapore, is looking more comely after an Andre Fu makeover. The cuisine however can benefit from a little sprucing up as well, from conception to delivery.

  • Take a walk around the grounds of the hotel which is imbued with an ethereal air and houses many heritage trees which are home to a great many wild hornbills, macaws and cockatoos.

  • Book a session at singular Auriga Spa, the top draw of a stay at the Capella Singapore, a superlative establishment with the plushest accents and the most experienced hands, all working in tandem to induce bliss.

  • Live like lords at the Capella Manor, a cavernous 3-bedroom bungalow replete with comely kitchen and inviting pool which are also available for long-term leases. The Colonial Manor, once an officer's abode, offers the most historic and inspired ambience.

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