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Landaa Giravaaru beach villa.jpg

    Landa  Giravaaru

Set over Baa Atoll, one of Maldive's most ecologically rich areas, Landaa Giraavaru is an ample sized island blessed with pristine white sand and gorgeous marine elements. Eco happy troopers will be very at home here cycling around the island and planting coral bells around the lagoon in an effort to replenish the damaged reef. The villas were raised along rather sharp modern lines with a hint of Mediterranean influences. At press time there are plans to redesign the water villas which are in truth somewhat underwhelming. The beach villas, decked with a lovely long pool, are perfectly sumptuous havens to retreat into.

Landaa Giravaaru recreational swings.jpg

While at Landaa Giravaaru,
why don't you ...

  • Indulge at the Four Seasons Spa, one part rustic Ayurvedic retreat and one part luxurious over-water treatment suites. We highly recommend its 4 hands Ayurvedic massage which is pretty much the ultimate delivery of sensuous pleasure permitted by law.

  • Get your hands dirty by attending an Ayurvedic diet cooking class. One can also learn the benefits of various plant based traditional recipes and create dosha enhancing meals under the supervision of both chef and guru.

  • Smoke shisha and revel in a spot of gastronomic indulgence at Al Barakat, a stunning and opulent Middle Eastern saloon effusing the dreamy decadence of Arabian Nights.

  • Explore the marine havens of Baa Atoll. While it is unfortunate that the house reef, once teeming with corals and marine creatures, has been destroyed by the effects of El Nino in 2018 but there are still wondrous reefs in the deeper parts of Baa Atoll that are gateways into the oceanic havens of Maldives for guests to clock their dives. 



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