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Ever so infrequently there emerges a hospitality address at surprising locations that would go on to become hospitality landmarks. Not unlike The Siam in Bangkok or Fuchun Resort in Hangzhou, Mia Saigon was independently raised and operated as a thing of beauty by the bank of the Saigon river in a spot far removed from it all.  So resplendent is this boutique gem that it appears as a grand vision lifted off the French Riviera, a rare edifice of class and sophistication where tasteful oriental accents blend harmoniously into the Belle Epoch contours. A mere 30 mins away via the river, the effortless luxury and serene contemplations afforded within the confines of Mia Saigon does wonders to negate the gritty realities of monstrous Saigon that inhabitants are wont to unplug from ever so frequently.


While at Mia Saigon,
why don't you ...

  • The rooms and suites at Mia Saigon are decorated according to the colours and hues of gemstones. The suites dolled up in sapphire blue are the comeliest although the ruby red suites do pulsate with an uncommon serene vigour. 

  • The swimming pool of the property is as inviting as they come but do note that like a savannah watering hole, it attracts onto itself all the inhabitants of the ecosystem throughout the day, and even some parts of the night too.

  • The actual watering hole is up at The Muse, the rooftop cocktail and tapas bar that is the place to sendoff glorious sunsets and watch Saigon light up in a distance.

  • Kitchen by the River is a renowned riverside restaurant in Saigon that attracts city dwellers wishing to revel in its lush alfresco milieu and modern takes on culinary classics both Vietnamese and international. Read our full reviews on Vietnam Gourmet Bulletin.

  • Take at least one night to visit the nearby Thu Duc City which has become a lively expat enclave lined with trendy galleries, restaurants and pubs.

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