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Exuding the grand opulence of the booming 80s, Marina Mandarin was lavishly endowed with sumptuous skylight streaming down its magnificent atrium, a significant nod to an era of architectural excess long closed. What was raised 3 decades ago as the height of sophistication is now the vertex of nostalgia evincing the early days of economic ascendancy in this country. After a year long renovation where it was rebranded as the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay Singapore, it is now as it was before, a sheer delight to step into with its breathing lobby and comely rooms. The soulful calls of the hotel's avian minstrels still fill the expanse of the atrium with such an ethereal air, one is left quite astonished by such alluring facets of what is essentially a thematic urban jungle.


While at the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay Singapore,
why don't you ...

  • Indulge at the newly minted Portman's Bar, lush with the shades and vibrancy of over 2000 trees and shrubs, still exudes a lovely ambience that suits its delectable there-tiers and spirited cocktails that currently have a heavy presence on social media.

  • Dine at Peach Blossoms, a light-drenched Chinese restaurant renowned for its chilli crabs and Cantonese classics in the past is now elegantly renovated with a brand new menu designed by Chef Edward Chong with updated new flavours like Applewood Iberico Pork Charsiew and Deep-fried 'Cigar' Rolls.

  • Make a booking at Peppermint, a casual diner serving a-la-carte buffet lunch and dinner, surprisingly serves one of the best laksa available in the Marina Bay precincts.

  • Give a cheer for sustainability efforts for the renovated rooms and suites no longer betray the hotel's age with a contemporary new skin featuring many environmentally conscious features like filtered water dispensers in the bathroom. The suites also come with Dyson hairdryers!

  • Welcome bliss at St Gregory Spa, a great spot for some instant relieve from stress-induced muscular aches in the deep downtown.

  • Linger at the Collection Club Lounge which makes stay upgrades worthwhile with its friendly staff who adroitly caters to the breakfast and evening cocktail needs of club guests.

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