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An advantageous perch is likely to grant ascendency to any hotel and in Saigon there isn't a vantage point higher than the top floors of Vinpearl Landmark 81. Occupying level 48 through level 71 of the Vietnamese babel, the property also aspires to be a showcase for the country's technological advancement with card operated smart lifts and panel control smart rooms. All this is very well except for the lack of clarity and lapses in explanation for one to navigate the high-tech lifts, which can thus lead to a bewilderingly long time for one to traverse the floors from room to spa or restaurant to room. The rooms and suites, though generously spaced, are sparsely furnished without any distinct design dictions. The afterthought of a visit is how this hotel was probably raised on an adamant conviction that if it is built tall and new, they would come. True, but the more important question to ponder should be whether those who came will return.


While at Vinpearl Landmark 81,Autograph Collection
why don't you ...

  • Akoya Spa with its resplendent view is a good spot for some pampering repose. There might be cause to upgrade both the hardware and delivery here to keep it in line with the luxe bearings the property aspires to. Under a brand new international management, that might soon happen.

  • With all that view it would be a mighty waste not to indulge in a tipple at The Cloud on level 48 of the hotel. The outdoor patio is just the right spot to kick back with a nightcap in plain view of Saigon's night vista.

  • Oriental Pearl is a swanky restaurant on level 66 of the hotel. Its menu of elevated Vietnamese favourites make way for a weekend seafood buffet featuring local and international flavours. Read our full review on our Vietnam Gourmet Bulletin.

  • The hotel's outdoor pool is one of the city's most instagrammable spot, perched so high in the sky and is well worth a dip. For similar reason it may also make sense to opt for club benefits as the club lounge occupies a good part of level 71 and from here one can gaze out over the horizon and into the sunset with an aptly named Sunset cocktail in hand.

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