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50 years since the arrival of Bali's first international hotel, there have been countless new openings on the island of the gods with each passing year, some stratospheric in stature while others more humbly conceived, but the lingering distinction of being primo extends beyond mere chronology for the Hyatt Regency Bali. Wrought through the genius of architect Kerry Hill and landscape artist Made Widjaya, both extraordinary talents in their respective fields, the resort remains a testament to the concept of the Balinese Eden with structures hard and lush and timelessly bewitching. Emerging recently from a substantial renovation, the nostalgia remains palpable even with the utterly updated rooms and suites. Standing still in time however are those mesmerizing bales, those moss-etched stone statues, those cyclopean chandeliers and imposing colonnades in the lobby and those magnificent gardens from quite another world. Encapsulated within such enduring elements is the veritable ideal that heaven is indeed a place on earth.


While at Hyatt Regency Hyatt,
why don't you ...

  • Bali's first international hotel wasn't raised on a petite scale - each of the 363 rooms and suites comes with a balcony and has been recently refurbished with a modern Balinese touch. The most opulent suite is the 81 sqm Executive Suite that comes with a spacious balcony that overlooks the garden.

  • Andaz and Hyatt Regency Bali both share the Shankar Spa which is a fabulous wellness retreat with spanking new hydro facilities for him and her. The massages delivered within the comfortable and intimate suites are reinvigoratingly pleasurable.

  • There are 2 restaurants catering to resort guests here - Pizzaria is a beachfront restaurant and bar serving resort style Italian fares while Omang Omang is the Indonesian restaurant that also dishes out grilled meat and seafood with Western style accompaniments. As with most resort dining establishments, there is booze aplenty flowing through both restaurants. 

  • The Regency Club Lounge is an open-air space set amidst water lily ponds and and imbued with cultural elegance. Suite guests can enjoy both breakfasts and evening cocktails here.

  • This is a beachfront resort set amidst sprawling lawns and stunning gardens that few on the island can match. Even though the grounds harbour over 300 rooms, one can still luxuriate amidst tranquility enveloped by the tropical lushness.

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