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Every reviewer in the course of his career will have favorites, and this reviewer, after close to 20 years on the job with nearly 200 hotels reviewed, still regards the Hyatt Regency Kyoto with great fondness. This isn't a property raised with grandeur or dripping with gilt but this is an elegant abode designed to last, with aspects that are so intrinsically Japanese yet so delightfully modern, it's been the preferred address for many coursing in and out of the old imperial capital for close to two decades. The service rendered is of a royal grade where returning guests know for sure they will be in good hands, whether it is the reservation of difficult to book restaurants or getting directions on bus routes around the city. There will always be newer hotels to check out in Kyoto but somehow, no where else has afforded quite a distinct feel of a caring home away from home like the Hyatt Regency Kyoto.

hyatt regency kyoto

While at Hyatt Regency Kyoto ,
why don't you ...

  • Opt for a stay at one of its top suites. The spacious Regency Suite is a contemporary space sumptuously appointed with a balcony lined by verdant canopy views and a luxuriously large bathroom set with a traditional hinoki bathtub.

  • Wake up early and explore the breakfast buffet with a garden view table before everyone else. The grilled ham here is a long and delicious morning tradition best savoured with bagel and hot tea.

  • Trattoria Sette is the hotel's signature restaurant that dishes out fabulous Italian classics like minestrone soup and rustic charred pizzas. This is also the place to fall in love with roast chicken all over again with their singular roast Daisen chicken. The cakes and pastries served here in the afternoon are also super delectable.

  • Explore the pretty gardens within the hotel's grounds, which are festooned with crimson camellia shrubs and sakura trees of various varieties. There is also a small elegant koi pond that is rather serene to behold.

  • The hotel is planted right next to Sanjusangendo, a resplendently historic temple housing a plethora of national treasure grade Kannon statues, in the Higashiyama precincts and is also right across from the Kyoto National Museum. It is thus a great base for temple traipsing with Kodaiji, Kiyomizudera and Chion-in all within walking distance.

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