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Reflecting the widening schism for the Intercontinental brand, which today seems to be anything conceivable from unimaginative business hotels to resplendent beach resorts, is its decade-old installation in Bandung - a property that had started with so much promise but had ultimately caved in to destination realities and other operational strains. Raised within the suburban neighbourhood of uppity Dago Pakar, the property is nonetheless a splendid spot to ease into a weekend of placid tee-offs at the adjoining golf course followed by some calming respite amidst the verdant environment. In the grand scheme of things, most of the inhabitants of nearby Jakarta would very gladly opt for a day here over the smoggy clogged gloom of the city on any given day.


While at Intercontinental Bandung,
why don't you ...

  • If money is of no consequence, the choiciest abode to check into here is definitely the palatial Presidential Suite bedecked with luxe accoutrements like Bose speakers and a view-drenched bathroom designed to draw gasps from the most seasoned of the well-heeled brigade. 

  • The rooms here are all designed with spacious alcoves that open to pretty, green vistas. These are the best spots for silent contemplation or plain stupor. Some of the bathtubs are also parked right next to splendid views.

  • The hotel is near to some of Bandung's most scenic attractions so morning trips to Tebing Keraton and Maribaya Waterfall would add to the memory chest of a Bandung trip.

  • Breakfast at the outdoor terrace with Bandung's cool climes is a joyful start to relaxing days at this highland resort.

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