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Four Seasons Langkawi


A vision in blue, the Four Seasons Langkawi evokes the exoticism of a Moroccan manor dripping with Malaysian accents. Its close proximity to Langkawi's glorious wild (minutes from the UNESCO protected mangroves by boat) adds to its equatorial allure.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The Geo Spa comes with sumptuous suites that are most conducive for the luxurious massages and rituals that last from 60 to 180 mins. This wellness space is tropically verdant, with comely thatched pavilions set next to a pool that guests could relax in after a treatment. Kelapa Grill offers crowd pleasing staples facing beach and sea views while Ikan-Ikan tempts with Malaysian favourites - think ayam goreng and beef rendang, with the most delicious keropok (crackers) and sambal chilli thrown in for good complement.

Service + + +

Generally guests are treated like royalty with lovely amenities like welcome and turn-down dessert and fruit platters that are set to impress. Perhaps owing to its sprawling operations on some days our villa wasn't cleaned on time and the pool bar was from time to time unattended. 

Design + + +

As a tropical resort, the abundant use of contrasting blues melding a design melange of horseshoe arches, wooden pillars and thatched roofs may veer a tad too close to addled eclecticism but there is a surprising synergy within courtyards where ficus trees and date palms co-exist. The rooms reflect the design blueprint of Four Seasons resorts in the region and might be due for some sprucing soon.

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