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Ritz Carlton Langkawi


One of the newest luxury resorts to open on the island, the Ritz Carlton Langkawi offers some of the most fabulous villas in the region that are elegantly bedecked with plush, vibrant accents.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The Ritz Carlton Spa here may be contained within 6 over-water 'pods that are visually dazzling but our favourite spot is the hydro relaxation space set within the surrounding rainforest. The beach grill is our favourite haunt for lunch - anything on the menu with the gin and tonic is highly gratifying, and for dinner the we relish the sophisticated milieu and delicious Chinese classics at Hai Yan. Horizon, an over-water sensation is the best place to enjoy a glorious sunset, and zesty cocktails, on the island.

Service + + +

Smart, effusive and supremely well-coordinated, this Ritz Carlton team is probably the best that we have encountered in the region. Combining the warmth of a Malaysian establishment and the flair of an internationally renowned luxury chain, the impeccable in-villa service is most delightful. 

Design + + +

While most Ritz Carlton hotels in Asia are not too imaginative when it comes to their design direction, the Ritz Carlton Langkawi harbours rooms and villas that are surprisingly uplifting, combining luxury with interiors that are vibrant, plush and understatedly opulent. The sophisticated expanse of the pool villas are especially lovely.

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