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Wrought through the hands of eminent architects Ed Tuttle and Kerry Hill, the timeless beauty and elegance of this famed oasis set in the heart of a frenzied city is still attracting a knowing multitude unto its graceful colonnades and serene suites.

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Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Celadon is still the fine dining haunt for business elites and Hi-So sets hooked on its signature lobster Pad Thai and zesty Tom Yum. Years after folks went gaga over the chocolate buffet at the Lobby Salon we are happy to report that it is still all very good. If our calculations are accurate, La Scala is on its way to receive a star or two on the next list based on its extremely favoloso modern Italian cuisine and grande service. The newly renovated Spa Botanica is conceived on a petite scale but delivers lovely massages within tastefully furnished suites.

Service + + +

The Sukhothai has made a name for itself as the tranquil oasis of riotous Bangkok and that is a reputation that can only be maintained through unwaveringly sterling service.

Design + + +

The Sukhothai's extremely graceful design is what propels it to the top echelons of luxury hotels in the Thai capital. There is a stillness that emanates from these intertwined colonnades, gardens and pools which quietly reflects the sabai quality of Thai culture so alluring to the rest of the world. After so many years, a walk through this hotel is still evocative to the senses.

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