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Diaoyutai Hangzhou


On the stretch that constitutes new Hangzhou, the Diaoyutai was raised as both architectural statement and branding manifest. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

A prime steak rounded off with a trio of desserts is our recommendation for a casual lunch at Fangfei lobby lounge. For more substantial feasting, head to Pinju Hangzhou to savour traditional favourites like marinated clams, 'Jigong' chicken and lotus roots with osmanthus. 

Service + + +

Service remains untested with this spanking new property that is operating at 50% capacity at print time. The staff had nonetheless proven themselves to be efficient and poised for exigencies over our stay.

Design + + +

Right on the bank of the Qiantang river across from the Hanghou stadium now undergoing final fittings in time for the 2022 Asian Games, this hotel boasts a comely interior that is a breath of fresh air within an old precinct. Even with half the property still not ready for inspection, we are already impressed with what we saw. Sumptuous rooms that are masterful blends of art deco elegance and Chinoiserie chic, a swimming pool with a hydroponic wall and an elegant rooftop garden crowned with a Chinese pavilion are just gleams into a design blueprint drawn to awe.

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