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Midtown Shangri-la Hangzhou


A relatively new entrant to the historic destination, Midtown Shangri-la presents itself as a curious old-new design hybrid that's a bit hard to read for industry watchers. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Probably a first for the chain, this Shangri-la comes with an excellent Midtown brewery that serves artisanal beers and bar grubs. Also situated at the adjoining mall is the signature Chinese restaurant Cheng Zhong that dishes out progressive Cantonese and Hangzhou cuisine (think Foie Gras paired with spring onion pancakes). The spa here is wonderfully conceived with fabulous massage treatments signature to all Chi Spas. 

Service + + +

No surprises here with the familiar touches of a Shangri-la establishment, truly reflecting the Shangri-la finesse that reminds one that sometimes old is gold.

Design + +

At first sight it is still all chandeliers and marble columns, with the earthy tones and plush accents extending to all the rooms and suites. Upon closer inspection one can discern that the flourishes have been pared down significantly, not to the point that one would call minimalist but still a good stride forward for a chain so adroit at delivering decorous grandiosity. The rooms are spacious and elegantly furnished but the hideous plastic flowers on planters outside the windows need to be urgently reconsidered.

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