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Hotel Mulia Senayan


Hotel Mulia Senayan is a quintessentially Indonesian establishment that has certainly done well by its bigger is better mantra.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The Mulia Spa is a luxurious getaway just minutes from the busiest parts of Jakarta. There are 9 fabulous FnB outlets in this hotel and each of them is as stunning as the next. Our favourites are Orient 8 serving delectable Canton and Szechuan staples and Edogin, a contemporary Japanese restaurant serving a melange of Japanese classics.

Service + + +

Warm, expedient and genuinely thoughtful, the fabulous team at Mulia Executive Lounge are truly at the top of their game.

Design + + +

With an inventory of over 1000 rooms and suites, the nondescript facade of the building does not hint of the marvels contained within, with six outstandingly stunning world-class restaurants, a cavernous gym catering only to in-house guests only. Most of the rooms are imbued with similar designs but the higher categories are invested with bedding of higher thread counts and views from higher altitudes. 

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