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Ritz Carlton

Pacific Place Jakarta


A masterful statement on how sometimes less is more, this petite property maintains a large reputation amongst the corporate and high-end travel segments readily hooked on the power of suggestion.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

We find the spa here wonderfully managed with courteous and capable staff seeing to guests' needs most adroitly. Pacific Restaurant is the only dining outlet of the hotel which serves grand buffets and mostly Indonesian favourites from its a la carte menu.

Service + + +

The staff at the club lounge are dedicated professionals most eager to render assistance and make a good impression. At the pool, refreshments are proffered automatically and the sun decks are refreshed so swiftly you almost never notice anything out of place.

Design + + +

Jakarta's 2nd Ritz Carlton is housed in the posh annex of a swanky upscale mall next to the Indonesia Stock Exchange, a location set in the stars for its equally posh branding. There are only 62 rooms and suites with impressive views and club access, making this one of the most sought after luxury accommodations in the city. Raised 10 years ago ,it is perfectly reasonable to expect the rooms and furnishings here to reflect the tastes and disposition of a different decade. 

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