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Shangri-la Jakarta


As the world watches curiously what's shaping up to be the new Shangri-la mould, its newly renovated Jakarta branch stands steadfast by its cyclopean chandeliers and gargantuan pillars.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The Health Club may feel a tad reductive as a full spa but the signature massage rendered by a very experienced and skilled Pak Rio is the best we've experienced in recent times. Jia is a stunningly refurbished Chinese fine dining restaurant that serves resolutely Cantonese favourites and the most inviting dim sums in the city.

Service + + +

No surprises here with the familiar touches of a Shangri-la establishment, truly reflecting the Shangri-la finesse that reminds one that sometimes old is gold.

Design + + +

The old world glamour that extends from expansive lobby to extensive lawns is well and alive in this pioneering edition and keeps unto itself a coterie of die hard fans even as the tastes and preferences of a new generation may change and decide that more is indeed less. The rooms here have mostly been renovated and injected with a luxurious silvery sheen but the layout and feel remain largely familiar.

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