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Banyan Tree

Kuala Lumpur


One of the city's latest entrant to its luxury hospitality realm, Banyan Tree KL is raised with the concept of an urban retreat in mind, with views that are truly stunning.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Height at the Banyan Tree KL is fully capitalised upon. All its F&B outlets, from breakfast at Horizon Grill, tea at Altitude and drinks at Vertigo, come with stunning vistas of the city. The Malaysian Bliss spa ritual at Banyan Tree Spa is a must try treatment that combines many delicious ingredients like turmeric honey cleanser, goat milk face mask and jasmine green tea bath.

Service + + +

Service at the Banyan Tree KL is as efficient and genteel as can be expected from any Banyan Tree property. The property is however still facing some post-opening hiccups at press time, which shouldn't hinder this property's ascent as one of the city's best.

Design + + +

Raised on the ‘opposite’ side at Jalan Raja Chulan/ Bintan stretch, the greatest advantage for this new entrant is the vistas afforded from its perch. So great is this allure that everything in this hotel points towards the towers vistas - from the opulent baths in the rooms and spa to the rooftop bar that very possibly provides the most stunning night views of Kuala Lumpur. For a brand well-known for its wellness approach to hospitality, the rooms are light and minimalistic but not unwelcoming.

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