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The Face Suites 

Kuala Lumpur


A behemoth property that comprises hotel rooms and apartments, the Face Suites in many ways represents the evolution of luxury hospitality in the Malaysian Capital.

Gourmet & Wellness + +

Breakfast here in a make-shift space is paltry hospitality but Tangerine located at the property's level 53 Skydeck offers grand gastronomy through its inspired French menu. Deep Blue, a rooftop bar that is very popular for booked-out private events, serves hearty tapas entrees well-suited for the late night supper crowd.

Service + + +

Staff at this property offer thoughtful and efficient service - ask for directions at concierge and a staff will orientate you through the door unto the main road, and reports of problems made over the phone are almost always speedily resolved. The bearings may not be grand luxury, but exceed one's expectations nonetheless in terms of service orientation.

Design + +

Space is often a prime reason why this hotel is constantly packed - entry level rooms are 83 sqm, and affordability is another compelling impute. Forgoing one’s disdain for fake florals and crowded lifts, the capable services afforded here from operator to concierge coupled by good restaurants and an infinity pool poised for a million IG posts, propel this hotel into the fold of our Kuala Lumpur’s top 10.

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