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Grand Hyatt

Kuala Lumpur


The address du jour of the past decade may have some of its shine stolen by flashy new entrants raised right at its gates but Grand Hyatt KL, replete with handsome structure and sweeping views of the city, still holds its ground as the city's hospitality grandee.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

We are absolutely blown away by the professionalism of the spa therapists who provided ritualistic pampering with the precision of drill soldiers. The linens and covers of the electronically controlled massage beds were incredibly plush and comfortable. Thirty8 is a regular haunt for gourmands in the city but we suspect it's more the spectacular view that draws in the crowd after a sampling of several entrees that failed to impress.

Service + + +

Grand Hyatt KL still maintains a class of sterling service that sets it at the top of the game. Its wonderful Grand Club is impeccably managed with delightful culinary presentations twice a day.

Design + + +

Generally speaking the designs of Grand Hyatts in Asia are more attuned to functionality and familiarity better preferred by the business crowds. Relatively younger, Grand Hyatt KL sets itself apart with suites dripping with gorgeous vistas, some best enjoyed from modishly white designer tubs. Its free-form pool lush with tropical flora is especially inviting.

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