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Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon

Kuala Lumpur


Serviced residences is a new trend to the hospitality landscape of Asia and it is a trend that is fast catching on. The latest face of the trend is Wing Tai's Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon. Situated in the exclusive residential enclave of Jalan Ceylon a stone's throw from the entertainment hub of Bt Bintang and rising some 50 story, Lanson Place BC commands a bird's eye view of downtown KL.

Gourmet & Wellness

There are no restaurants and spa services at this property at the time of our visit. Its pool and fitness facilities are shared with the private apartment block within the same development.

Service + + +

As a service apartment, the ball game for service satisfaction is rather different from that of a hotel. As long as the unit is serviced on time and properly, there is need for little else. All this and more Lanson Place Bt Ceylon delivers with aplomb.

Design + + +

The entry level 1-bedroom residence is large enough to house 4 comfortably with aesthetically zen furnishing and full amenities that include a washing machine, dryer, stove top and ovens both microwave and convection. A swanky combination of plushness, convenience and height has presented this property and its genre of accommodations as serious contenders to the entrenched luxury hotels of the precincts.

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