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The Ruma

Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur’s latest luxury hotel to open this year is a design vision unmatched by any establishments in its vicinity. If shiny brass ceiling and columnless spiral stairs are not sufficiently modish enough for one, the designer cocktails concocted from premium spirits and mixers will win you over.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

We are in love with SEVEN lobby bar with its incredibly posh cocktails and modish, metallic vibes. ATAS may be overreaching its modern Malay concept, with creations that are on one end inventive and tasty but over at the other pretentious and over-wrought.

Service + + +

Service here is rather attuned to its designer vibes - crisp and smartly rendered. Little disappointments here and there, mostly revolving around its restaurant but we can sense every feedback is taken seriously and on the whole staff try their best to deliver.

Design + + +

The rooms may be smallish but the welcome is in the details. Suites come with FOC wines and premium beverages. The pool may be comely but the construction works nearby are  noisy spoilers. When fully operational, The Ruma my be the name to beat in the Malaysian capital.

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