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W Kuala Lumpur


If high chromatism is the cornerstone concept of a W hotel, then its latest installation in Kuala Lumpur couldn’t have done it better from the inside. Essentially positioned as a hip hotel calling to the millennial sets, W Kuala Lumpur has packed in a bevy of trendy restaurants and nightclubs to achieve that directive.

Gourmet & Wellness + +

Breakfast at Flock is ready to break out of the mould with a buffet spread that is luxurious (French mineral water, fresh coconut juice) and delightfully local (freshly flipped canai and grilled on the spot kaya toasts). The Chinese classics at Yen does not break new ground and afternoon tea at Woobar is really more style than substance.

Service + +

Uneven at best, different factions of the staff present different service vibes for this new property. Breakfast staff at Flock are thoughtful and efficient whilst the waiting crew at Woobar are better at posturing than service. 

Design + + +

A sea of neon purples and pinks glows from a mish-mash of LED cascades and arches installed from its lobby to its spa and rooms. These are scenes installed for the benefit of the younger, and supposedly hip set, and are ready for a million Instagram posts. The rooms are smallish but the suites are plush and well designed.

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