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Launching October 2021


The editorial team of Travel & Nature traverses the continent of Asia to bring to the fore the many fascinating destinations that span from time, cultures and space into the 21st century.

With wondrous nature as the striking backdrops of these alluring destinations, we present our best finds through interesting stories and arresting visuals to reignite the love of travel in a post COVID-19 world. After nearly 2 years of global lockdown, we are optimistic that it won't be too long before travelers from all corners of the globe can finally take flight again to these inviting dreamscapes.



Hotels not only give rest to the weary, they are the very institutions that made travel possible in the first place.

Hotels range from all sizes and conceptions and sometimes the sublime ones are themselves destinations in their own right. In today's realities, hotels are also the indicators of a tourism spot's viability and popularity; developers and hoteliers will always be the first to break ground at the next 'it destination' before the well-heeled descend in droves. Our seasoned reviewers will often find themselves at these pleasure palaces long before the dust has settled, and in turn sharing their experience and giving perspectives on which best to choose from before your very own visit.


The search for the very best in epicurean indulgence is a chief compulsion driving the seasoned traveller.

Although ethnic cuisines have long left their hometowns to stake out their fortunes globally, nothing beats a sampling of something signature where it is most authentic and best prepared. The rise of star chefs in some of the most unexpected places in Asia is also compelling gourmand travellers to take the path less trodden, and embark on odysseys of both tastes and sights. Our reviewers are always on the lookout for worthy talents and establishments to highlight here, with stories on flavours and dining experiences worth traveling halfway around the world for.