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In most other Aman properties the byword seems to be far but Amandayan chose height instead and is perched handsomely in the highlands of Yunnan overlooking the magnificent ancient city of Lijiang. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

In our opinion Amandayan probably has the highest culinary attainment of all the Aman resorts we have visited in over a decade. Simple dishes like the roast chicken we ordered for room service buoyed our confidence sufficiently before we ventured to the restaurant to sample their signature black clay hot pot. The experience was truly wonderful as our reservations for yak fillet and waxed ribs dissipated as we tucked into the simmering pot brimming with earthy goodness.

Service + +

Dedication to guest satisfaction here superseded our royal expectations when a request for fruits at breakfast served up some seasonal loquats peeled to perfection.

Design + + +

Here are some of the largest rooms in the vicinity replete with 'earth dragon' heating and complimentary mini bar. The suites are conjoined in split level courtyard buildings with minor design variations set within identical layouts. Perfectly luxurious hideaways, Amandayan in its splendid milieu is a leap ahead of the nearest competitor. The room make up and turn down system is perfectly seamless and the effort to spare guests from distruptions is discernable and highly applaudable.

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