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Hotel Indigo Lijiang


Within the archetypal confines of the Indigo Lijiang lie the whims and audacity of a design force out to push boundaries in a realm more coercedly restored than meaningfully old. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Owing to the boutique size of the Indigo Lijiang there is only 1 restaurant in the hotel but guests can trek over to the Intecontinental next door to use recreational facilities like heated indoor pool and gym if they desire. We enjoyed a hot bath in the oversized tub overlooking the ornate arched roofs of the surrounding buildings right after checking in. Luxuriating in our skin next to such historic sights really set our mood for exploration in a region some 2000 years in the making.

Service + + +

The concierge team of the Indigo Lijiang is simplest one of the most dedicated and competent we've encountered in China.

Design + + +

The ultra traditional facade of this lush property handsomely juxtaposes with its uber modern and cool interior enthusiastically outfitted with accoutrement de la cheval, a theme that resonates with the Tea Horse Ancient Route of the region. Saddle seats, life size sculptures and horseshoe hangers are just some of the funky accents wrought into this designer inn. The expanse of the rooms here are generous by any yardsticks and are sumptiously decked with plush, luxurious furnishings. 

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