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The Belle Rive

Boutique Hotel


With spacious rooms that give view to the grand Mekong River right at the heart of Luang Prabang's heritage old town, the Belle Rive is a boutique establishment with an enviable location unmatched by most within the vicinity.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The Belle Rive Terrace is one of very few restaurants set before the alluring Mekong within the heritage town. Evening tipples here, granting fair weather, are accompanied by stunning sunsets over the hills on the opposite bank. The local cuisine served here is outstandingly delicious, with the sausages and seaweed rice cakes our top recommendations.

Service + + +

The establishment may be small, but the service orientation here is grandly anticipatory and really exceeded our expectations.

Design + +

Housed within the heritage buildings in the middle of the old town, most of the rooms here have high ceilings and windows that face the Mekong. The essence of this property is not luxury, but rather earthy comforts much attuned to the soul of Luang Prabang.

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