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Belmond La Résidence

Phou Vao


A hillside retreat for the Laotian royalty and political elites in the decades past, Belmond La Residence Phou Vao has retained much of its architectural charms as well as stunning views of the surrounding ranges. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Lovely cocktails can be savoured at the rustically attuned Doc Champa bar before one tucks into the inventive French fares beautifully presented with Laotian touches at Phou Savanh, an Al Fresco restaurant with stunning views of Mount Phousi. The Mekong Spa, imbued with cultural accents, is a good spot to be introduced to Laotian massage.

Service + + +

Thoughtful and expedient, with wonderful flourishes added, like the personal attendant who was with us at a wonderfully crafted private poolside dinner waiting at the flank, totally committed to providing a perfect experience.

Design + + +

The 34 suites here are luxurious cloistered by handsomely trimmed gardens set over gentle slopes and terraces that open to serene views of the bucolic countryside. Note of caution - the bathtubs are raised a tad too high and might present difficulties for some. Ultra slippery parquet flooring needs watching too.

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