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Park Hyatt Hadahaa


Park Hyatt's geographical seclusion at the Maldives can be both bane and boon. Arrival at long last, the tropical lushness of Hadahaa proves restorative for frayed nerves. This atoll purportedly features one of the deepest drop in the world and much of the house corals are in pristine stunning condition. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The island may be a tad too miniscule to stage elaborate private dining affairs but given that one usually shares the island with only a handful of guests even at full occupancy, privacy is not really a concern for lovebirds craving seclusion. The Vidhun Spa may just be the spot for couple therapies featuring organic natural ingredients harvested from the good earth.

Service + + +

Service is generally great on the island but the meet and greet staff at the airport appeared more grim than welcoming when we arrived after sunset and set off a series of panic attacks over a bumpy sea transfer enveloped by complete darkness and silence. On hindsight, a smile would have been nice. 

Design + + +

The resort appears futuristically conceived but design house SCDA claims to have drawn inspirations from local forms, its sole reference the Dhoni Lounge, a building capped with a roof the shape of an inverted hull of the traditional seacraft of the Maldivians. The rest of the buildings convey no such references and juxtapose nicely with the island elements. 

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