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Shangri-la Villingili


If paradise on earth is a faraway concept then no one materialises it better than the Shangri-La in Maldives. Shangri-la Villingili is the flagship resort of the chain and befitting its regal status, one would have to aviate between 70 -120 minutes across the equator from Male to Gan in order to reach its shores. Once there however, all cares melt away.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Room service in this resort is serious affair that usually takes two attendents to stage. The panache in delivering such mundane services is laudable. Beyond the private confines of one's restful sanctuary there are plenty of scenic options on the island where the Shang team would be happy to stage a major dining event replete with the most scrumptious morsels, like at its quaint herb garden. A session at the Chi Spa will set one on the path to recovery after rigorous exertions on the tennis court or the splendid gym.​

Service + + +

Expedient and exemplary, the staff here are capably trained to see to your every need. A battalion of staff, from tennis coach to gift shop ladies, are poised and ready to make your stay special. 

Design + + +

Not entirely reflective of the group better known for chandeliers and pillars, Shangri-La Villingili is new skin for a grande dame now ready to receive a younger but no less affluent posse. We adore the singular Villa Muthee set over the shimmering lagoon. This lavish water retreat is a lordly launch pad into the secretive world of the sharks and sea turtles below. 

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