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Taj Exotica


Taj Exotica was one of the first luxury resorts to open in Maldives ​and has undergone several facelifts since its complete overhaul a year after the island was devastated by the Christmas tsunami of 2004. Visually it's not quite the stunner when you tally up the bells and whistles from recent entrants but like the saying goes, old is gold. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Taj Exotica has 3 restaurants on the island with F&B profferings that are some of the best in Maldives. 25 Degrees is the casual restaurant that offers comforting entrees next to adventurous ones in its extensive menu while Deep End Restaurant showcases the culinary chops of chef Abhishek Dhyani in an exotic milieu. His vegetable millefeuille, you must try. 

Service + + +

Dedicatedly good but the waitresses serving the breakfast crowd at 25 Degrees can be a tad forgetful, even at smiling. All in all the Taj Exotica experience still embodies the original Maldivian dream where island elements and sensuous pampering meld together to induce bliss and raptures under the tropical sky.

Design + + +

The resort's close proximity to Male, its classical Maldivian feel and luxury bearings like Molton Brown toiletries and Ploh beddings all provide sound persuasions for returning guests. The appeal of existence on an island not longer than 1 km lies chiefly on the promise of indulgence, realised through moments spent luxuriating in the splendid spa or sitting on a beached dhoni laden with tea-time goodies gawking at an impending sunset.

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