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Veela Private Island


The conception of Velaa Private Island is anchored on the dreams and expectations of one person, owner Jiri Smejc, who poured in US$220 million to raise an oceanic vision replete with stunning restaurants, 9 hole golf course, a wine tower and a spa that features its own snow room. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Asia's first and only Spa My Blend by Clarins was raised over the spectacular lagoon of Velaa Private Island. There are only 6 treatment suites in this spa and encapsulated within are design accents so luxurious one can spend hours enjoying the facilities, including an actual snow room, after one's treatment. The highly experienced masseur is deft and balanced with his strokes and is able to point out one's troubled areas without prompting. Plush towels and tiny mounts of Evian await in the open areas and are always neatly replenished in a heartbeat.  

Service + + +

Service here is seamless and incomparable with wait staff and attendants who seem to anticipate your every whim with thoughtful responses. Velaa's excellent butlers are undoubtedly the heart of the operation as they see to the needs and fancies of all guests with a dedication unmatched by close competitors in the flank. 

Design + + +

The villas boast of ostensibly chic interiors pieced together by carefully sourced materials like wood panelling from Borneo and paving stone (that don't absorb heat) from Jordan. Imbued with notes of technical wizardry via one touch buttons for specific lighting and movement sensing nightlights in the bed chambers, these are doubtlessly Maldives' smartest rooms. 

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