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Most of the dozen or so Aman properties I've reviewed feature the expanse of the ocean as their backdrop. The result is instantly glorious - clean stark architecture juxtaposing the azure realm creating frames after frames of postcard, or in today's context, instagram perfection. The attraction of Amanwella as a resort rests principally with its ocean view but unfortunately extends to little else. While isolation is a tempting thought, faraway resorts should still come with surprising options that scintillate the senses because let's face it, one can only gawk at the sea for so long without wondering why an otherwise free view should be tagged with such lordly rates. The villas of Amanwella also come with pools that are peculiarly enclosed in the front when they should be perched at the end that faces that million dollar ocean view.

Service: + + +

Design: + + 

Overall Distinction: + + +

Recommendation Index: + This resort has too little to offer besides a view which is not exclusive to its locale. From S$1260




Like most Aman resorts Amanwella has a spa and a restaurant with a short menu. Like most Aman resorts there are also not many other dining options within the Tangalle region. But one can always strike up a conversation with the chef like we did and ask for off menu foreign flavours which he readily acceded to. On hindsight the general rule of thumb is stick to what the chef does best but what's life without a little meandering on the wild side?

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