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Best Luxury Hotels


Capella Hanoi

Design  + + +

Service + + +

Gourmet & Wellness  + + +

Sometimes designers run amok with their fantasies and we bemoan the lack of restraint. With the Capella Hanoi we are only too gratified that Bill Bensley got a carte blanche to wrought as he will, for the resultant opulence is startling with details that are too extravagant even for the man renowned for extravagance. An art deco masterpiece set in the historic Opera district ....


Pan Pacific 

Design  + + 

Service + + +

Gourmet & Wellness  + + 

Pan Pacific Hanoi is a storied landmark property at the early years of Hanoi's hospitality developments - when it was opened close to 20 years ago it was one of Hanoi's tallest hotels and  also one of its first foreign brands to penetrate the market. After two rebranding the hotel is still sitting pretty on one of the best locations in the city, raised right before the picturesque ...


Sofitel Metropole 

Design  + + 

Service + + +

Gourmet & Wellness  

Sofitel Metropole is a storied hospitality landmark in Hanoi that is big on reputation yet somewhat diminutive in stature. With its main wing currently going through renovations, its new wing lobby is routinely jam-packed with staff looking severely overwhelmed from time to time. Kudos to their professionalism that is doubtlessly tied to the prestige of this hotel. The new wing rooms and suites are nonetheless a tad too stodgy and bereft of lavishness to live up to the fuss the Metropole elicits.


Hyatt Regency
West Hanoi

Design  + + 

Service + + 

Gourmet & Wellness  + + 

You may not yet find West Hanoi on the chapters of guide books but international chain hotels like the Hyatt Regency have long had their presence here in anticipation of greater things to come. Korean travellers arrive at this hotel by the droves, and at breakfast there is even a Korean section catering to ...

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