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Capella Shanghai


Shanghai's priciest rooms are currently the inventory of Capella's latest flagship housed within a heritage Shikumen block in the former French Concession area. The refinements here are unmistakably Capella, though raised within the conservation perimeters of narrow units stacking 4 stories.  

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

A constraint of space and functions has resulted in the establishment of just 1 restaurant within the hotel, conceptualised by Pierre Gagnaire. Whilst Gagnaire's menu, executed through chef Romain Chapel, is only available for dinner, one can also enjoy lovely afternoon teas accompanied by views of the elegant Shikumen lanes below. Auriga Spa, raised within the same spatial context, has elected to be an advanced gym with flotation tanks, salt wall lounge and Hypoxi weight loss machines.

Service + + +

A modern splendour is taking root in this heritage enclave with elements both lush and lyrical. Service from within is splendid, but aspects of the hotel operations still under Shanghai city's governance need to update their skills and relevance.

Design + + +

Hotels taking shape within conservation buildings are usually confined by plenty of physical boundaries and within Capella Shanghai one may find the multiple flights of stairs cumbersome to scale. The lovely air permeating these grounds seeps through eventually and even the lack of width provides no hindrance for one to enjoy the heavenly comforts of a Capella room.

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