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 The Peninsula Shanghai


Unlike many other hotel chains imprinted with high luxury, the countenance of a Peninsula property is largely and invariably reflective of the mother-ship. In sharing a DNA so magnificently devoted to service refinement and technological wizardry, this offshoot in the lofty metropolis of Shanghai is setting new heights even within the iconic Bund. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The magic of fine dining is a constant attraction at Peninsula hotels and here epicurean pleasures abound at 2 star Yilong Court and 1 star Sir Elly's, where Cantonese and modern French cuisines are well-honed for discerning gourmands. Tea at the lobby, a brand signature, is well worth the daily queue whilst fabulous massage treatments await at the Peninsula Spa.

Service + + +

 The Peninsula Shanghai is entirely telling of the group's success through its caution against proliferation in favour of predomination. Superlatively efficient, the service orientation here is amongst the best in Shanghai.

Design + + +

The design aspects of a Peninsula property have garnered a tick in all the right boxes except breaking new ground. Spacious and elegantly furnished, the rooms here are amongst the plushest in the city with many that afford grand river views. 

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