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Sofitel Shanghai



Perhaps due to the scarcity of land or the emergence of regional hubs, we think both, Sofitel's latest seed bearing the uncanny likeness of France's grand chateaus is taking root out of the Shanghai's downtown heart into the precincts of Hongqiao Airport and Train Station, an area of significant development in recent years.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Le Chinois is a star find within Shanghai's epicurean backwaters, a Chinese establishment helm by national grade chef Su De Xing, who's created signature dishes for Clinton and numerous other foreign dignitaries. The signature braised beef is one such dish, a slab of premium Chinese beef that is a grand study of carefully deliberated taste and texture. Ocho Tapas and Wine taps into Spain's plentiful flavours to create wonderful entrees perfect for an extensive selection of wine and cocktails.

Service + +

Courteous and well-meaning, staff here can enhance their service by factoring in anticipation in order to reach the next stage of the hospitality realm.

Design + + +

The visage, a pastiche of stately arches and doric columns, is aglow with the burn of a dozen imposing chandeliers, a sight far from common outside the confines of royal parlours and old world edifices. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As a homage to French architecture, this building is as courtly as they come in China. The splash of modish accoutrements within betrays its Accor origins.

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