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The Puli Hotel


One of Shanghai's most alluring hotels conceived through the mastery of Jaya Ibrahim, the Puli Hotel has maintained its place of prominence in the hospitality landscape of Shanghai via an aesthetic sensitivity so exquisite, it is the pole star and measure of architectural taste and style against all others in the city. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

The iconic Long Bar doubles as a club lounge for guests with benefits and serves a menu of hot and cold dishes with wines n cocktails in the evening. Anantara Spa retains its cultural milieu in Shanghai and delivers signature massages within wonderfully designed treatment rooms.

Service + +

Expedient and poised, the staff here come across as efficient, albeit a bit cold. Internally, the pool and fitness area need to be better maintained, especially when it comes to cleanliness an hygiene.

Design + + +

The injection of a major dose of Chinese art and forms, particularly panels and screens, has done wonders to enhance the hotel's urban resort feel. The rooms, though not as spacious as would have expected, are deftly apportioned and comfortably furnished. 

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