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Twelve at Hengshan


This luxurious property is proof that designer hotels need not always evolve around lesser spaces for optimal effects. Elegantly minimal yet sumptuously spacious, guests at this modern abode are at once spellbound by its classical accents amidst contemporary frame. 

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Twelve Hengshan specialises in Chinese cuisine across regions with a good selection of Shanghai and Cantonese classics. When the weather is neither oppressively cold nor unbearably hot, a sitting for tea out at the garden is extremely enjoyable.

Service + + +

Expedient and exemplary, the staff here are trained to see to your every need, from suggesting a restaurant to making sure you get there on time and return safely.

Design + + +

Alluring installations bathed in skylight in the lobby lend an elegant air whilst an oblong garden set in the building's core provides alluring views and exquisite forms. We love the size of the rooms which are minimally chic yet plush. Magnolias in the form of print and embroideries richly decorate the space within.

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